Thank you for all your amazing support of our Walk for Life 2020.

We had a wonderful virtual turn out and look forward to next year.

More info to come in 2021. Stay Tuned!


The Walk for Life 2020 is over and we are so grateful for all your support, love, and generosity. As we award prizes and close the books on this event, we are so close to our original goal of $10,000.
If you haven’t given yet…now is the time. We need these funds to ensure we can give the care to our women for the rest of the year. This year has been difficult for all of us and I appreciate your prayers and willingness to listen to our message. If you are able, please give…

Our goal is to raise $10,000


Congratulations to our Prize Winners!

       Top Walkers                                                  Top Donor Pledges
1-Paula Heaps 29.92 Miles                           1-Karen Bollmann
2-Keith Eklund 28.62 Miles                       2-Valentina Ronning
3-Diane Mencke 10.5 Miles                           3-Abby Layer
*All winners will be contacted to pick up their prizes

This walk represents the journey we take with each women during her pregnancy.

Their story may be difficult, it may be uncertain, or they may be alone so we are there to pick them up and walk alongside them.

To ensure we can continue walking alongside these women, we need you to walk with us!




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