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It’s a beautiful Saturday morning in September and I’m here at the clinic checking in prenatal patients who are coming in for their second trimester ultrasound scans. I had just opened the mail and was rejoicing over precious gifts from our partners when a young pregnant woman came through the door. I recognized her as one of the client’s we had seen for a limited ultrasound scan a month or so ago. She is viably distraught, her eyes red rimmed from crying. She apologizes for not having made an appointment, but asks if I would have time to talk with her for a few minutes. We go into one of our consultation rooms and I ask her how I can help. She shares that although she told our nurse during her ultrasound that she would carry the baby to term, she knew in her heart that couldn’t and had made an appointment for an abortion. That appointment is for Tuesday, just three days away. She talks about the overwhelming circumstances she is facing, and tells me how alone she feels. As I listen, I pray for wisdom and guidance from the Holy Spirit. At one point I ask who in her life has made the greatest impact on her heart. She tells me that person would be her Grandmother who had passed away three years before. As we talk about that relationship she shares that it was the peace and joy which always surrounded their times together that meant the most to her, the peace and joy that came from her Grandmother’s commitment to Christ. I ask her what her own relationship with God is like and she tells me that she has felt far from God since her Grandmother’s death. We talk about God’s unfailing love for us and His promise to never leave us or forsake us. She asks me to pray with her and afterwards I retrieve my Bible from my office and share some of my favorite scriptures with her. She asks if I will pray with her to recommit her life to Christ. As we grasp hands and bow our heads together she squeezes my hands telling me she can feel the baby kicking. She tells me she feels this is a sign that God is with both her and her unborn baby. Before she leaves the office I call one of our local churches and reach the assistant pastor who is in his office preparing for Sunday’s service. I put her on the phone with him and they set up an appointment for Monday morning. How thankful I am for the ministry of Options for Women East. For our ability to provide the love and support women need to choose life for their unborn babies and for the privilege of sharing the love of Christ with them.
Thank you for partnering with us in our commitment to loving women facing crisis pregnancies with the love of Christ.

Donor Testimonials

“In the struggle today to support the sanctity of life and the sanctity of women a person can easily become overwhelmed. For us Options for Women East is a candle burning bright in this sometimes very dark world. Options for Women East is a place of Life and Hope.”

“I have been pro-life before that became the name for people who were against abortion.  Saving unborn babies is my passion, that is why I support OFW.”

“This clinic is way more than a handout, but most importantly a hand-up, and allowing women to see their unique beauty and inherent dignity! Their drive, passion, evidence-based medical practice and standards never ceases to amaze!”


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